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We were founded to provide professional infrared inspections for homeowners, building owners, building contractors, roofing contractors, commercial, industrial, and institutional structures. Our technical knowledge stems from 23 years of commercial and residential construction experience and is applied to all of our infrared inspections.

We incorporate non-destructive testing in all of our inspections. If we find an anomaly with our infrared camera, we will test further with a non-invasive moisture meter to verify our findings. This means we don’t poke holes in your wall, ceiling, or roof looking for the moisture.

Visual inspections are also very important and can reveal problems that may not be obvious in infrared.

Energy Inspections

The Gardner Company has a fully-trained Level 1 Certified Infrared Thermographer on staff, ready to provide you with a thermographic inspection on your home or commercial property.

We are experts at detecting signs of hidden moisture intrusion behind walls and ceilings without making holes using infrared cameras and back up our findings using a non-evasive moisture meter. We check for cold air leaks at your windows, doors, ceilings and walls. Often we find energy losses and missing insulation. We also inspect the exterior of the property for moisture behind the exterior wall covering.

We offer two types of inspections, a quick scan that includes a complete thermal imaging scan of all interior walls, ceilings, windows and doors. Our second report includes a complete infrared scan of the interior of your home including the exterior walls with a written report and thermal images to substantiate our findings.

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Roof Moisture Surveys

Water infiltration into the roof assembly must be addressed immediately. Damage to the roof system will only get worse with time. Due to the freeze-thaw cycle in the Northern climate, damage increases rapidly. If left undetected, this will lead to damage of other parts of the building structure, and possibly the buildings’ contents.

During the day, the roof system is heated by solar loading. After sunset, the dry areas of the roof cool off while areas of trapped moisture retain heat. These areas are easily detected with our infrared camera.

Age of the roof does not matter; we have found leaks on newly completed systems. By using infrared we can pinpoint the wet areas so that repairs can be made on the affected areas saving money by not having to replace the entire roof system.

Many commercial flat roof systems develop leaks within the first 2 years due to improper installation. Other factors are design problems or lack of maintenance. Once insulation becomes wet, it can take decades to dry out. Wet insulation becomes a thermal conductor, accelerating heat loss or gain on the conditioned air space it is meant to protect from the external environment.

Water Infiltration Detection

Be proactive and order an infrared inspection on your home or building today. Moisture in building materials can destroy structural integrity as well as harbor mold. Moisture significantly reduces the R-value of building materials, and increases the rate of conduction.

Long-term water infiltration can cause devastating damage if not properly identified and repaired. Water damage can remain hidden for long periods of time and can be large in size, infrared cameras can distinguish between wet and dry materials and give a clear image of the extent of the damage.

Once moisture infiltration has been detected with our infrared camera, we back up the finding with a non-invasive moisture meter. We then trace the water infiltration to its source where it can be repaired.

Pre-purchase Inspection

Whether the structure is new or old, Infrared Thermography is one of the most valuable tools when purchasing a home or building. Infrared can detect moisture infiltration and missing or misplaced insulation that can’t be seen by a visual inspection. It can also detect cold-air infiltration due to poorly installed windows and doors, or gasket failure which can seriously affect occupant comfort. We back up all of our pre-purchase inspections with a written report and infrared photographs to substantiate our findings.