Madison, WI Insulation Contractor

Proper insulation renders great savings for the people of Madison, WI

“Immediate energy savings is the homeowner benefit when The Gardner Company insulates or re-insulates an existing home. We insulate new or existing homes and businesses with quality products along with quality service, every time. We use blown, batt and spray foam insulation, and we are dedicated to making your home or business more energy-efficient and comfortable.”

– Darin Gardner, Own

What to Look For?


Proper vents ensure your attic is well ventilated

If your attic doesn’t breathe, heat and moisture can accumulate. Attic baffles can reduce roof deck temperature, minimize ice dam issues, and help control attic moisture. This moisture or water vapor can collect on roof sheathing and rafters causing them to rot and possibly produce mold.

Freeze Up

Improperly ventilated attics lead to soffit freeze up

This soffit on a home in Wisconsin shows frost build-up on the sheathing and rafters. This is caused by not having ventilation in the soffit or baffles installed. This home also did not have any roof vents. A properly vented home needs to have a balanced system which is intake of air at the soffit and exhaust at the roof vents or ridge vent.

Rim Joist

Major heat loss can happen through improperly insulated rim joists

Fiberglass insulation applied to a rim joist as seen through our Infrared camera. The dark purple color is cold air infiltration in just one small area… multiply this times the amount of rim joist spaces in your basement. Almost as an afterthought, pieces of fiberglass insulation are often used to insulate rim joists… you can plainly see how poorly that works.

Ice Dams

Improperly ventilated attics lead to soffit freeze up

Without the proper amount of insulation and/or ventilation, ice dams will build on your home and cause damage not only to the interior but also the roof system, wall sheathing, and structural members. It is very important to seal all vertical air infiltration into the attic space before you insulate or add insulation. Any protrusion through the ceiling such as bath vents, can lights or fans must be properly sealed.

Owens Corning certified preferred contractor Check your attic to ensure proper insulation depths and conserve energy

The Preferred Contractor must meet these requirements for Owens Corning Certification:

  • Minimum of 2 years operating under the same business name
  • Be in good standing with the Better Business Bureau
  • Hold at least $1,000,000 in general liability insurance
  • Carry all required state and local licensing and insurance
  • Knowledge of the latest industry standards and technology
  • Dedication to customer service and professional craftsmanship