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Roof Coatings

Roofing: Services

Gardner Roof Coatings is a certified installer of commercial and industrial roof coatings and roofing systems in the greater Wisconsin area. All of our coating and roofing systems come with an extensive manufacturer’s warranty and our 10 year workmanship warranty. Let us give you a free inspection and a free photo report of your roof's condition. We still may be able to save it before it needs a complete replacement costing many thousands of dollars.     

Fluid-applied roofing membranes have been one of the fastest growing roofing systems in the United States and Europe over the last 20 years for a good reason. The coating cures to form a rubber-like elastomeric waterproof membrane that protects the roof substrate from excessive thermal expansion and contraction resulting in longer roof life and reflects 85% of the suns energy back into the atmosphere keeping the building cooler.

White reflective roof coatings not only cool the interior of your building resulting in lower energy costs, they also reduce the cost of maintenance.

Every roof is thoroughly inspected and photographed before the proper type of coating is selected. This report is sent along with our proposal at no charge.

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We are here to help you
with your roofing needs!

Every roof is thoroughly inspected and photographed before the proper type of coating is selected. This report is sent along with our proposal at no charge.


High Performance Cost Effective Solution
for Flat and Low Slope Roofs

Fluid-Applied Elastomeric roof coatings on Metal, Rubber-EPDM,
Modified  Bitumen, TPO, Hypalon, and Asphalt

 No Seams!!  No Leaks!!

"Roofs are designed only to shed water, we make them waterproof"


  • Save up to 15% on Energy costs!

  • Extend Roof Service life for Decades.

  • Renewable 15 Year Warranty with a re-coating.

  • Restored Roof Reflects up to 85% of the Sun's Energy.

  • Completely Seamless Roof Protection.

  • No Roof Tear off or Disposal Costs.

  • Costs up to 50% Less than a Full Roof Replacement.

  • Roof becomes ENERGY STAR®-certified.

  • Easily Repaired if Damaged Rubberized roof coating.

  • Protection against Strong Winds and Hail.

  • Business Remains Uninterrupted during install.

  • Superior Elasticity.

  • No Seams!  No Leaks!

  • Air Conditioning Cost Savings.

  • Solar Reflection



After winning 1st Place Contractors Award in CoatingsPro magazine for the baby blue Gothic barn roof, we coated this roof a Brilliant Blue and we think it looks amazing. Elastomeric coatings are much different than just painting the roof, we coat all the seams and fasteners with a thicker viscosity elastomeric and then we coat the entire roof with a base coat. After the base coat is dry we apply the top coat and it can be any color you dream up. 

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Agriculture Metal Roofs

Saving our Wisconsin heritage one barn at a time. Don't let your metal roofs leak and get rusty beyond repair. We can save them and make them beautiful once again. This Gothic style barn roof was coated Baby Blue.
We can make your roof any color you can dream up!

Assessing Property Conditions Cheaper, Better and Faster


Aerial inspections are faster and minimize risk to the inspector. Drones provide high definition photo's and video's using the latest technology. Aerial surveys of the roof provide rapid assessment and problem area identification from the ground. Drone imagery is a real game changer for  infrared roof inspections. Drone technology can provide critical information fast and better than ever before.


Has time caught up
with your roof?

Does your building have rusted panels, seam or fastener problems, cracks and leaks around penetrations?
Let us give you a free inspection and
a free photo report of your roof's condition.
We still may be able to save it before
it needs a complete replacement
costing many thousands.



We use Infrared Thermography when applicable. On flat roof assembly's we use it to find encapsulated moisture as is shown on the rubber roof to the left. Before roof coating can be applied, the wet insulation must be removed and replaced. On metal roof systems we use it to find wet insulation from the interior under the panels as shown on the right. 


Thermal bridging at Purlins on metal buildings

Most metal buildings have purlins that are spanned between beams. On top of these purlins insulation is laid then the roof pans are mechanically fastened through the insulation to the purlins. This design flaw is clearly seen in the infrared image in yellow. The insulation is pinched to nearly nothing causing thermal bridging. Notice the temperature of 112 degrees radiating into the conditioned air space with an 85 degree outside temperature. White Elastomeric coatings applied on the roof surface have a solar reflectance of 0.85 meaning the roof is now reflecting nearly all the heat back into the atmosphere. Clearly the roof in the photo is not coated with Elastomeric. Photo taken by Infrared Wisconsin


Rusted roof with multiple unused penetrations causing leaks. After removing penetrations the roof was patched with like metal panels and coated giving this building owner a seamless watertight roof that will last for years.
Elastomeric coatings are easily coated again with little prep work saving the building owner even more money down the road.


Rusted R-panels before coating. Every fastener is coated with a thicker elastomeric before base coat and top coat are applied.


Same roof after multiple penetrations were removed and patched. Elastomeric coating was then applied using two coats.



Roofing tar used on metal panels is a temporary fix due to the expansion and contraction rate of the panels. Elastomeric roof coating has an elongation of 500% while dry roofing tar has near 0%.


After cleaning the roofing tar off the metal panels as seen in photo to the left then coating it with elastomeric roof coating the panels become seamless and waterproof. No seams No leaks


The fastener above shows the expansion and contraction rate of this R-panel, this is why it is so important to use the correct coating on metal roof systems.



Each fastener is tightened and coated with a thicker viscosity elastomeric coating before the base and top elastomeric coatings are applied. When fasteners back out the panel seams open allowing for possible water infiltration. This is a common problem in metal roof systems.



 Fluid applied Elastomeric roof coatings are self flashing and seamless, they are designed for protecting and extending the service life of the roof assembly. Most of the work comes in the preparation of the substrate being coated. First we tighten every fastener then clean the entire roof surface with a pressure washer, coat every fastener with a thicker elastomeric coating and treat every seam.

All penetrations are coated by hand before the top coats are applied. Once all the prep work is completed we inspect the roof surface and start applying the base coat as per the manufacturer's mil thickness specification. After the base coat has dried we apply the top coat at an equal mil thickness for a seamless and waterproof roof system.



 Although we are Certified elastomeric installers Gardner Roof Coatings is not affiliated with any one manufacturer, we review your roof system and select the best coating available to give you a long lasting high quality roof solution.

Whether your facility's roof is metal, mod bit or single ply we take all these factors into account before we propose the type of coating that's right for your building. There are 3 main types of coatings, solvent based, acrylic (water based) and silicone.

Depending on what the building is used for is one of the deciding factors on the type of elastomeric coating we use. Elastomeric white coatings are highly reflective but also come in a variety of colors and can be custom shaded.

The Roofing Restoration Experts

Gardner Roof Coatings is a certified installer of Commercial, Industrial and Residential roof coatings and roofing systems in the greater Wisconsin area. All of our coating and roofing systems come with an extensive manufacturer's warranty and our 10 year workmanship warranty.


Maintenance and Warranty

 Inspection of your new roof system is done on a yearly basis by Gardner Roof Coatings to maintain the seamless membrane. When properly maintained the roof coating will easily last 15 years.

​If you wish to extend the warranty and additional 15 years we simply apply and additional layer of coating on top of the initial coating. This can be done over and over, essentially warranting your roof for the life of the building.

We are proud to have worked with these fine companies.

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